Bob Riler, Married Catholic Priest

My heart tells me that God works in strange ways.  I have been blessed to share in weddings that have inspired and energized me.  I don't officiate at many weddings during the course of the year.  Becoming a "wedding machine" is not my cup of tea.  I like to get to know couples, to hear their story, how they met, what draws them to each other, their hopes and dreams for themselves and for each other and so much more.  I believe that this makes me a better human being and as well as a better husband.  

Wedding Priest Tacoma

I was ordained a Catholic Priest for the Archdiocese of Seattle in 1994.  My time in parish ministry was spent at St. Michael Parish in Olympia and All Saints Parish in Puyallup.  

My years as a parish priest saw many blessings.  There were many positives as I served the sacramental and spiritual needs of parishioners.  I encountered many wonderful people along the way.  So often I was saddened that gifted men and women were not allowed to share in ordained ministry. 

I spent considerable time reflecting on the challenges that the "celibate life" would bring.  My heart told me that ultimately celibacy would not be healthy.   I left parish life and was married in 2000.  

Today I have a "day job" with Pierce County and thoroughly enjoy that work.  But I also continue "ministry" to those who do not fit the mold of the Roman Catholic Church, who find themselves without any faith community, who find expression of their spirituality in other, more personal ways outside of a denominational community, or who find themselves without any particular religious roots.