Bob Riler, Married Catholic Priest

Wedding Priest Tacoma

Marriage is important to us all.  I believe that marriage teaches us about God (however you define God with whatever word you use) as much as it does about ourselves.  

The New Testament writings of John boil down to one thing - "God is love."  That' about all John has to say.  God's love is unconditional.  But God doesn't have hands and eyes like we do.  One of the best ways we have of learning about that divine, unfathomable love is by loving another and emptying ourselves into another's arms.  

I think that's why we need weddings.  Weddings - your wedding - will remind us again of that all-enveloping love and will challenge us to move closer to that reality deep within, in whatever way you do it.  

My hope is that your wedding will reflect that great love you have for your spouse and that all of us who join you for that one day may draw strength from you and the love you hold for one another.